About Us:

Therm Incorporated has steadily grown in stature among the family of industries in the greater Ithaca community. Organized in 1935 and incorporated in 1937 as Therm-Electric Meters Co., Inc,. it manufactured a thermal demand meter for which there was limited application. With the country turning its industrial might toward defense, this young organization soon found itself working with its neighbors in the common cause and dropped the manufacture of this item. The experiences and skills developed during these troubles times were to influence its direction at the termination of conflict.

Starting with 5000 square feet of floor space in a building located on 8 acres of land on South Hill, Therm has steadily grown to over 60,000 square feet on approximately 50 acres. The work of this group is diversified from food packaging, equipment, business machines parts and specialized tooling to capabilities centering around engineering experience and know-how gained from solving complex producibility problems in aerodynamics which were beyond the scope of existing machine tools.

The manufacturing group specializes in making precision machine parts to close tolerances, especially in prototype development work for turbo-machinery, turbine engines and rockets. Not only are the parts made from the more common metals, but the daily challenge is being met in the more exotic high temperature, heat-resistant super alloys associated with the aircraft industry and its ever changing progress in space. Therm has proven its capacity to engineer, fabricate, assemble and test complete unites of complex equipment.

Since the nature of its efforts has long strayed from the thermal demand meter, the firm felt the need to bring its name more in line with its endeavors. Having long been known to its cherished customers as ‘Therm-Electric’ and not desiring to lose its identity, the name was changed, in December of 1958, to Therm Incorporated.

Therm now has 170+ highly skilled and cross-trained employees and 200+ machine tools in 130,000 sq. ft. facility. Therm offers a full range of machining including; grinding, milling, turning and EDM with a complete complement of special process capabilities on site including; welding, vacuum heat treat, and FPI. This combination gives our customers the advantage of turnkey capabilities with a just-in-time supplier capable of managing the entire project from concept to delivery of finished product.

The cornerstone of Therm’s tradition of world-class, manufacturing excellence, is our customer focused approach to business. In support of new product development, or continuous improvement, Therm’s manufacturing team and engineer’s work concurrently with our customers own staff, in partnership, to develop the optimum manufacturing plan for the customer needs.

World-class, third party certified, quality system assures compliance with all customer specifications and requirements. Therm is ISO9001 and AS9100 certified plus NADCAP accredited.